Born inLondonEnjoyed aroundtheWorld

The design of our furnishings comes from an honest place that has meaning to our founder Steven Shell. He draws these influences from everyday inspirations around him.


Design aroom to viewnot a roomwith a view.

Many favorite influences coming from global travels throughout Europe and the East as well as parts of London. Other influences come from period design of 40s Hollywood, 50s Americana, 50s Côte d’Azur, Victorian and Gothic.


My furniture isTraditionalwith aTwist.

how it’s made

Green Pledge

We have been planting trees in Java since 2005. Over 1,500,000 trees have been planted by us since we started this project.
The trees that we replant are chosen specifically to produce diverse forests rather than tree farms. As a result, local villagers are incentivized to help nurture the saplings to adulthood when they will often bear fruit and other valuable byproducts for the community.
Our goal is to plant at least one tree for every piece of furniture that we make. In order to achieve this goal, we support a number of nurseries that nurture new seedlings by the thousands. We then provide the funds and the manpower to see the seedlings through to planting.

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