A Word From Our Founder

Inspiration surrounds us—art, music, literature, architecture, design and nature—all have a unique voice, speaking to each of us in different ways. This belief sits at the heart of my philosophy of influence driven design. Whether it is the most intense blue of the sky on a crystal clear day or a mystical bird interpreted by a 1930’s textile designer, my influences are limitless. I stay open to the infinite possibilities so that I may share my take on them with you.

As a London-born antique dealer, I’ve traded antiques in Eastern Europe, America, Great Britain and Spain. I’ve travelled around the world finding curios for the past 25 years, getting to know all manners of the weird and wonderful. Fortunately, my passion for furniture was allowed to develop further, and for the last 18 of those years, I’ve been taking my inspirations and interpreting them into furniture designs for Steven Shell Furniture.

Today, we offer one of the most customisable furniture lines on the market. We understand the desire for the unique, giving our customers the opportunity to finish each piece we offer in over 1 million ways!

Now available in 22 countries, our handcrafted furnishings are created by master artisans in Indonesia. We are one of the largest hand painted furniture manufacturer in the world; our factory covers over 7 hectares of land. The majority of our furniture is constructed mainly from Indonesian mahogany. With over 750 items going into homes each week, we believe in replenishing what we use and have a replanting program in place insuring trees are planted in excess of what we use.

We will continue to act with honesty, integrity and gratitude as we keep dreaming of new ways to push the boundaries of creativity, to be passionate in every new piece we create and to never forget how we got here.