How it’s made

Our Handpainting

Any of our handcrafted, handpainted furniture and accessories can be painted in over 1 million ways – enabling our handpainted furniture to be truly unique.

The possibilities are nearly endless and include stained, distressed, textured, antiqued, weathered and metallic finishes. In addition, each piece may be customized with any of our hand painted artwork. Our skilled artisans use old world techniques handed down through generations creating the highest quality handpainted furniture.

Our Handcrafting

When creating our handcrafted furniture, our master craftsmen go to work using techniques that have been handed down for generations. These techniques give a handmade feel which in other companies have often been replaced with easier methods of production. Thereby, losing the handcrafted look that has become part of our signature.

Influence Driven Design

The design of our handmade furnishings comes from an honest place that has meaning to our founder Steven Shell. He draws these influences from everyday inspirations around him.

With many favorite influences coming from his global travels throughout Europe and the East as well as parts of London such as Shoreditch and Brick Lane. Other influences come from period design of 40s Hollywood, 50s Americana, 50s Côte d’Azur, Victorian and Gothic. As you navigate our website, you’ll see Steven Shell’s inspirations brought to life with each piece of our handcrafted, handpainted furniture.

Our Factory

At our wholly-owned production facility in Indonesia, which covers 20 acres, we employ over 1000 master craftsmen, woodworkers, artists, finishers, millers and support staff. Each year we ship over 100,000 items of quality handcrafted furniture and accessories to customers. Our master craftsmen use techniques that have been handed down for generations. These techniques produce a handmade feel unlike much furniture on the market today. Additionally, we insure our Indonesian factory maintains high standards of working conditions, creating a safe and healthy working environment for all employees.