Terms and Conditions


The Nature of Our Product:

Each item from the “Steven Shell Collection” is hand-made from start to finish. Many traditional “Old World” methods are used in the construction of these unique accent pieces. The individual workmanship may cause slight differences in measurements and finish. The wood product constantly responds to its environment, therefore, the furniture has a subtle distressed look. Some splitting, cracking, chipping and glazing may occur. We, and the vast majority of our customers, think the imperfect nature of the wood and finishing methods create an antique but spirited look that is part of the charm and appeal of the product. Please be aware that these blemishes and imperfections are non-structural in nature and are to be expected.

Minimum Order $1000 Re-Order $1000


Orders are shipped prepaid or net 30, both of which require freight to be paid in advance.

Delivery Time:

Because we try to ship orders complete and all items are made to order, delivery time is 16-20 weeks.


We accept cash, checks, major credit/debit cards (VISA, MC, AMEX, and Discover), and money orders.


LESS THAN CONTAINER: Orders under $2000 are prepay; orders above $2000 are eligible for NET 30, upon prior approval by The Steven Shell Collection. All new customers are required to pay a 10% non-refundable deposit. All existing NET accounts must order above $2000 in order for that order to qualify for NET 30.

CONTAINER: Container orders which are not given NET 30 terms, REQUIRE PAYMENT IN FULL FOR BOTH

PRODUCT AND SHIPPING PRIOR TO DELVERY. Note, a $2500 deposit is required for first time orders.

Shipping & Freight for Less Than Container Orders:

All payments for freight charges are expected in advance prior to delivery. The product is packed in cartons and shipped with a furniture carrier.

The Steven Shell Collection ships from Stoneville NC and Mira Loma CA. Freight Charges are non-refundable.


Freight Charges to Canada are 20%

Freight rates are calculated from the wholesale price prior to discount and vary depending on your location.

Shipping & Freight for Containers:

Estimated freight charges are based on rates provided by the freight co. Freight for container shipments may be approved for NET 30 through our freight forwarder. Our freight forwarding company processes the freight credit application independently of us. If not approved for NET 30, the freight company will require payment in full prior to delivery.

Shipping Claims:

If you are missing any items, please do not sign that you have received all items listed, as you will lose any and all rights to replacement, credit, or refund. If you receive damaged items, please refer to the damage instructions below. Freight charges are non-refundable. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the furniture you receive and would like to return it after it has been delivered, Steven Shell Collection will not be responsible for the return freight charges.


All returns must obtain a “Return Authorization” prior to return of merchandise. Failure to obtain authorization may result in refusal of return. You may obtain a “RA” by contacting a customer service representative. The Steven Shell Collection may elect to authorize repair or make other arrangements in lieu of return.
Discounts: The discount tier for small orders is as follows:
$2,000 and above 5% Off
$3,500 and above 10% Off
$5,000 and above 15% Off
Above $10,000 20% Off


Because we own our own factory, we are able to offer a special price for direct containers. Also an additional 5% discount is available for customers who order and then take delivery within a 45 day period of two 40’ containers.


The majority of our furniture is made from mahogany with solid ply wood veneer used for the larger surfaces to avoid splitting. Because the furniture is made from solid wood some movement is to be expected. Slight colour variations may be visible between batches due to the hand painted element in our process. There may also be slight size variations from time to time due to the handmade techniques and is unavoidable.

Safety Considerations:

Our furniture is decorative furniture not intended for commercial or heavy use. Stands and or plant stands are in no way intended for step ladders. There are also some 2 piece units where we include brackets for the top to be attached to the bottom, these must be used to ensure full safety and function of the furniture. Many of our dining and accent chairs are not intended for frequent or daily use and are not recommended for adults over 150 lbs. If you have any questions about which products are included in this category, please contact your customer service representative.


Prices are subject to change without notice. All 1st time customers require a 10% non-refundable deposit
on small orders.

All Past Due Accounts:

Accounts over 30 days lose terms and are subject to formal collection procedures. These outstanding accounts are also subject to a 2% per month interest charge.

*To place an order with The Steven Shell Collection is deemed to assume agreement with our above terms and conditions of sale, so please read them thoroughly. If there is an item that you do not understand or want to discuss, please do so with our staff during your ordering process.



Within the UK and Europe we sell containers only. However these can consist of a variety of product and colour finishes. These can be chosen from our huge array of product and colour way options. Please contact our office where will be happy to discuss this further if required.

Container orders will be placed on receipt of the relevant deposit as per notes below.

NB: Deposit £1000 + Vat = 20ft container,
£2000 + Vat = 40ft & 40ft HC container

Our Handcrafted furniture is then finished to order as per your specific requirements and ready for shipment in approximately 90-120 days.

Depending on the choice of port, the shipping/delivery will take approximately another 30 days to most European ports, under normal circumstances.

When your goods leave the factory, we will invoice you accordingly (inclusive of VAT where applicable) and give you a provisional date for arrival of goods.

Please note we will need to be in receipt of the balance of cleared funds two weeks prior to container docking at your port of choice. This will ensure release of your container on time and therefore no risk of you incurring demurrage costs at dockside.


If you wish, you can make your own arrangements for shipping and transportation of the container. However if you would prefer we can arrange shipping for you.
Kindly note we have no allegiance to any particular shipping agent. This will be arranged as part of our service and at no additional cost to you. The specified shipping agent will then contact you directly at time of container arrival at your designated port and invoice you directly in regard to freight/delivery charges.

After Sales Policy

If for any reason after delivery of goods you are not satisfied with the product, please contact us as soon as possible, in order for us to supply you with our damage claim form. Where necessary we will reimburse you accordingly in the form of credit note or cheque. All claims need to be presented within 6 months of receipt of goods.

Failure to comply with the above may result in your goods being sold on and deposits being forfeited.